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Autonomous machine
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Agribot is a revolution entering orchards and plantations. It completely changes the way we think about carrying out tasks related to plant protection and cultivation. Discover how you can benefit from this revolution.
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Secondary Three-point hitch
The additional three-point hitch system offers even more efficient work during a single pass of the robot. It allows for conducting two operations simultaneously! This is not only an exceptional convenience but also an opportunity for significant savings, such as fuel costs. The modern three- point hitch is equipped with a standard PTO (power take-off), as well as two reliable hydraulic quick couplers.
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Additional pair of quick couplers
If two quick couplers are not sufficient for your needs, you can equip your robot with an extra pair! They enable the connection of almost any equipment compatible with an orchard tractor to the robot without the need to replace the machinery. This is a combination of simplicity and efficiency that is worth investing in.
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BirdView 360
BirdView360 is an advanced system of cameras mounted around the robot. I gives the remote user of the robot a full view of the surroundings, significantly improving work management and enabling real-time monitoring. BirdView also improves vehicle control in manual mode, for example, when loading onto a trailer or parking.
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Auto refueling
This system enables refueling of the fuel tank via a drone. It's another exceptional enhancement to the robot's operation, ensuring your comfort and convenience. The system allows for the delivery of 30 liters of fuel to the robot, extending its operation by up to 8 hours! As a result, the machine can carry out extensive tasks such as mowing large areas without unnecessary interruptions.
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Easy Turn system
"Easy Turn" is a unique, innovative system designed to enhance maneuverability. It allows the robot to automatically shorten the length of the track in contact with the ground during turns. This, in turn, results in a significant reduction in soil degradation and improvement in the condition of shrub and plant root systems. An additional advantage of this solution is the absence of rutting and indentations.
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Autostart system (with weather station)
The weather station is an innovative enhancement to the work of every orchardist, farmer, or plantation owner. This system allows for real-time monitoring of atmospheric conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation, as well as wind speed and direction. Appropriately programmed, the machine is capable of autonomously assessing weather conditions and initiating or pausing tasks. In the event of adverse weather conditions, such as sudden rainfall, the robot will automatically halt its operations and resume them after conditions improve.
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Driveback system
This is an advanced system that enables the independent, symmetrical operation of the robot in two directions. This allows the machine to travel between rows without the need for turning around. This feature not only saves time but also reduces the width of maneuvering lanes on bends.
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AutoChange system
A system useful for managing a larger number of tools. It allows for their automatic interchange without the need for operator intervention. The vehicle is able to independently approach and mount the tool on the three-point hitch and smoothly commence operations. It's an exceptionally practical system of enhancements, enabling complete automation of tasks in orchards or vineyards.

Get to know Agribot


Deutz TCD 3.6L4
55.4 KW/75 HP @ 2,300 rpm ISO 14396
Emissions Standards: EU Stage IIIB and US EPA Tier 4

Hydraulic System

4 hydraulic pumps in the drive system + 2 pumps for equipment
Flow rate: 120 l/min
Pressure: 200 bar
Biodegradable hydraulic oil

Mobility Features

Drive system: 4 independently powered caterpillar tracks
Max speed: 10 km/h
Max slope: 30 degrees (longitudinal), 20 degrees (lateral)
Turning radius: approximately 2 meters

Key features:

  • performing two agrotechnical treatments at the same time ( 2 x three-point hitch, 2 x PTO)
  • Programmable autostart based on weather conditions
  • Wide range of mobility options (“circle”, “crab walk”, crosswise movement
  • Variable adjustment system for track-ground contact surface
  • 360-degree camera view
  • Automatic fuel refueling capability

How can Agribot help you?

Automated inter-row work with two machines_

Agribot can be used for agrotechnical operations in the vineyard. It is compact and efficient, designed to work with tools such as a mowers, cultivators or sprayers.

Working in open spaces_

The robot works perfectly not only in tight orchard rows, but also in vast agricultural fields. It can be used i.a. for automatic transport of bales during haymaking.

Work at the airport_

Another example of Agribot’s usage in open space is its ability to mow grass on large areas, such as airports. Regular mowing of this type of area allows, among other things, to reduce bird nesting sites, which significantly affects airport safety.

Snow clearing in parking lots and large areas_

Agribot will be useful not only during orchard or agricultural tasks but also those aimed at ensuring safety. The robot works perfectly with machines such as snow plows or gritters, making it a useful assistant in snow clearing and maintaining the proper condition of the road surface during winter.

Work with municipal machines_

The robot will perform equally well during seasonal municipal work. Agribot can handle both street sweepers and agricultural equipment, making it a versatile machine.

Autonomous agricultural work_

Agribot will efficiently operate both orchard and agricultural machinery. It will perform agricultural tasks along a designated route, navigating terrain smoothly thanks to the caterpillars.

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Działanie 1.1 „Projekty B+R przedsiębiorstw”
Poddziałanie 1.1.1 „Badania przemysłowe i prace rozwojowe realizowane przez przedsiębiorstwa”
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