• Are you ready to employ a robot?

    W are proud to intoduce a revolutionary robot, which can carry out autonomously even most complicated agronomic tasks.

What do we talk about?

Meet Agribot!

Agribot is a robot, that autonomously does all the work in orchards and plantations. It is controlled via the operator panel accesible through a web browser.

What is Agribot?

Agribot is a revolution, which enters into orchards and plantations. Completely changes the way we think about carrying out work on the protection and plant breeding. Find out how you can benefit from this revolution

What Agribot does?

Agribot works with virtually every machine used to work in the orchard or plantation. With its completely new mobility and work abilities you can achieve spectacular results.

It moves

  • autonomously and with high accuracy
  • turns on the spot
  • transverse movement

Works with machines

  • it independently performs programmed works
  • performs two tasks in one pass
  • easyly connect any machine

Increases efficiency

  • works at any time, day or night
  • saves time and human health
  • saves fuel, water and plant protection products


How do we benefit from Agribots’ work?

Agribot performs independently works once attributed to man and machine.

How Agribot knows where it should move?

Agribot moves using precision guidance system based on the GPS signal and RTK correction and the information from the range of sensors and cameras.

How it is operated?

 Agribots’ operation is easy! Attach machines like to a normal tractor and set up tasks it should carry out from any device with a web browser.

Order an Agribot now!

If you will decide to order Agribot now, You will get:


Access to dedicated online service to manage Agribot and your plantation (free of charge for the first year)

Technical backup (instalation, courses for operators, quick service)